VDF 17.1
(I don't know if it's the same with VDF 18.0)

To show to everybody the field which have been changed since 2 days, I had a procedure using "data_set_user_interface" to see the fields of the screen related to the changed field in the buffer.
I use this code.
             get  data_set_user_interface_count of h_file  to i_tot
             for i from 0 to (i_tot - 1)
                Get data_set_user_interface of h_file  i to h_dd
                If (not(explicit_shadow_state(h_dd))) Begin
                   Set color of h_dd to claqua
                   set textcolor of h_dd to clblack
In VDF16.1, only the dbforms were found with this procedure. In VDF17.1, the dbgroup, tabs, ... are triggered too and my whole screen is claqua instead on only the dbforms like in VDF16.1