This has me puzzled. I have a cWebModalDialog that I want to find the existing record from a row on a cWebList so I webset a RowID property in the cModalDialog and then when the dialog pops up I go find the record in the cWebModalDialog DD by using Send FindByRowID to the DD. Then I want to get a value from the DD using Get Field_Current_Value. When debugging this I can see the correct record is found, but the Get does not return the value. But I can just move the field buffer value and it works?

Send FindByRowId of oPROFILLN_DD PROFILLN.File_Number riCurrentLine
Get Field_Current_Value of oPROFILLN_DD Field PROFILLN.item_id to iItemID
In the above code the iItemID is 0

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In the image you can see from the tooltip that the value is 0
On the right in the screen shot you can see the value in the table is 1281