Here you go - VDF 17.1

I added the table OrderInvoices to the workspace - a child table of OrderHea.

  • cOrderInvoicesDataDictionary.DD - The DD_Commit of Date and Val fields is true.
  • OrderInvoices.vw
    1. OrderHea_DD has a IsCommitted function (OrderHea.Order_Total>300).
    2. oOrderHea_Customer_Number - Server set to Customer_DD.
    3. Added oInvoicesDbCJGrid - Server set to oOrderInvoices_DD.

Run Order.src.
Open OrderInvoices.vw
Press F8 and find the order number 101 record.
  • Customer number is enabled and Customer name is disabled - why allow find a customer if the record is committed?
  • Date column of oInvoicesDbCJGrid is enabled - type any date, press tab.
  • Val column of oInvoicesDbCJGrid is disabled - can't type, press tab.
  • No record save, that's correct because Iscommitted is true but users get confused because they can change the customer and/or type dates.

Remember, the Server of the DEOs is set to the DDO that the Main_file is a foreign table of the dbview, then File_Field_Committed_Options doesn't set DD_DISPLAYONLY to true.

Hope I could explain myself better with the example above.


PS: You may need reindex the workspace because I'm using a portuguese df_collate.cfg here.