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    Dear all,

    Our company would like to start using VDF as our development framework. I am looking for resources to learn VDF, in the form of tutorials (step by step), code samples, hands-on labs, etc.

    Do you know where I can access these resources, preferably for recent versions of the product.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Default Re: Newbie/Learner Tutorials

    Hello Joseph,
    for learning VDF, there are differnt ways:
    1. if you have installed VDF, you get a lot of exampleprograms, where you can see different applications.
    2. in the helpfile (start the Studio, then menu "Help" / "Help"), there are tutorials how to begin the programming
    3. at least, Data Access offers different courses for starters and advanced programmers.
    Regards / Viele Grüße

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    Default Re: Newbie/Learner Tutorials

    There are a few Example projects included. Also check out the documentation (Press F1 in the Studio). Are is a part that explains how to create (simple) applications, and how to get started.

    There are also some Webinars (-> ). I don't know how good they are for newcomers.

    @DAW-people: It would be nice if you put those tutorials on a website. Potential developers probably want to see how things work and look like, without installing the whole Studio.
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    Default Re: Newbie/Learner Tutorials

    And once you get started, any time that you are stuck, just pop into the forum and post your question or detail your problem.

    Likely you will get lots of quick helpful responses.

    (This is partly due to the ease at which you can develop in VDF... it leaves developers with lots of extra time to fill... )


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    Default Re: Newbie/Learner Tutorials

    Hi Jbonello,
    Open the Studio
    On the left hand down side there is an area named "Getting Started"
    See on . . . and follow step by step,
    - "A Quick Introduction to Visual DataFlex"
    - "Use Quick Start to learn the basics."

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