Recently I migrated a Word mailmerge program from FlexCom to FlexCom2. Everything works fine, except the € sign . In the new datasource document the € sign appears as Ç.

With the old FlexCom program it was possible to write the € sign, because string needed to be supplied in ANSI format. The € is represented by (Character(0128)) in ANSI and it was a big advantage to use it like this.

With FlexCom2 there seems to be an automatic OEM-to-ANSI translation. Strings need to be in OEM format. This goes wrong with the € sign. I might go wrong with other characters too. But this application is about contracts and prices, so the euro sign is very important.

Is there a trick to write the € sign to a Word document with FlexCom2???

Move ("€" * FormatNumber(nEntreeprijs,2)) to sEntreeprijs