Hello there,

can somebody tell me, why the AutoOutput_State in the cWinReport2 seems to have no function?

Default behavior is, that the WinprintViewer is shown after i do a Run_Report. But if i want to do it manually, i think, i should set the AutoOutput_State to false and send dfPrintPreview at the End of the Report. But setting it to False shows no effect. WinPrintViewer still open at the Beginning.

Also the Deferred_Print_To_Window-Setting for the Output_Device_Mode has no real sense. When i use it, the WinprintViewer is shown at the end of the Report, but the Print-Button in the Viewer is disabled, so my customers cannot print in the Viewer.

Has anyone helping information for me? Thanks

Ah btw, i use Visual DataFlex 16.0.