I'm running into a problem reusing a cHttpTransfer object. I'm clearing all headers each time, and I've even added these headers, but it doesn't appear to stop caching (or at least I think it's caching??)

1. I call out to an api to give me a list of routes. It returns 2 routes back.

2. I make another call to the api to delete 1 of the 2 routes. I get a JSON message from that service saying it was deleted.

3. I call out to the api again, and it still returns 2 routes back.

I manually logged into their web interface and find that the route I deleted was in fact deleted. So I'm assuming one of two things are happening. My HttpPostRequest is caching -- but I've added this code to prevent it from caching and it doesn't seem to help:

Get AddHeader of httpWReq "Cache-Control" "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" to iHdr
Get AddHeader of httpWReq "Pragma" "no-cache" to iHdr
Get AddHeader of httpWReq "Expires" "0" to iHdr

Alternatively, could it be from "reusing" the same cHttpTransfer? Is there code to re-initialize the object I have declared in my view? I'm thinking that reusing it between my methods is the problem.