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    Default Web Catalogue and Image Gallery

    Hi All

    Saw that this has been asked about in the forums, so we thought we would share what have been working on. There are 2 classes the Web Catalogue and Web Image Gallery. Both of these classes are based on the djCase class from Harm's training. If you haven't attended DAW's Web Application Framework I high recommend doing it.

    This code is open source and is provided as is, with no warranty. I would also ask that if you correct any bugs or make any improvements to please post them back here, thank you.

    These classes are for 17.1.

    Attached is an example workspace based on the WebOrder workspace, however the folder, web app and virtual directory are taWebOrder so it won't impact on the WebOrder workspace.

    Class 1 - Web Catalogue

    This can be seen in the Product Catalogue option from the View menu. The view itself is Product_Catalogue.wo.

    Class 2 - Web Image Gallery

    This can be seen the modified Inventory Maintenance option also from the view menu, and in inventory.wo.

    These classes are still in development so they are a little rough, for example the image folder handling is all done from AppHTML/Images, and the shopping cart image on the catalogue item button is hard coded to localhost in the CSS.

    Other improvements:
    - A zoom on the image gallery
    - Also the image gallery only supports one row of thumbnails

    Also I am definitely no CSS or JS expert so feel free to point out any issues or better ways of doing things.
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