I've found that the studio is using the wrong field labels when creating dbCJGrid column names.

According to the "Field_Label_Short" help which states:

The Field_Label (and File_Field_Label) function provides additional flexibility in determining a label's value.

  • If a long label is requested and the long label name is not assigned, a label will be returned using the smart-cased name of the column.
  • If a short label is requested and the short label name is not assigned, the long label name will be returned. If the long label is not assigned, it will return a smart-cased column name
In all our DDs, we have only assigned values to Field_Label_Long because of the feature described above in the help. But, when the studio is creating a new column in a cdbCJGrid it's only looking at the Field_Label_Short value, and because its not assigned the column is created using the field name.

How to Test:
1. Inserted a cdbCJGrid in a view.
2. Using the DDO Explorer, select and drop a field into the cdbCJGrid.
3. Column Name are created using Field_Label_Short without considering the Field_Label_long value.

Also, the help says that if both labels are not defined then requests "will return a smart-cased column name" - I have never seen this happen. It always returns the field name as per (uppercased).

Note: Doing the same test using the legacy dbGrid, results in the proper substitution of Field_Label_Long when Field_Label_Short is not assigned.

Please advise.