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Return (Instr({student.LNAME},"b",1,true)) is not working when the first letter is a "b" or "B". Have I done something wrong?
If you want to read from the start of the string use 0 as a starting point. The string is 1 based and you want to start the comparison before this character. I updated the help to make this more clearly.

Return (Instr({student.LNAME},"b",0,true)) 
//if {student.LNAME} is "Benar bloemendal" the above returns 1.

If you want to use the or operator (and thus returning a boolean) use the next statement :

return ((instr({student.LNAME},"b",0,true) > 0 ) or (instr({student.LNAME},"a",0,true) > 0))
//if {student.LNAME} is "Benar bloemendal" the above returns true.