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Thread: Version 2.6 for 18.0 NOW Available for Download

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    Default Version 2.6 for 18.0 NOW Available for Download

    We are happy to announce the release of version 2.6 of the DataFlex Graphics Library. With your Data Access Global Account ID you can download this library and demo application from

    NOTE: This version requires an installed DataFlex 18.0 Alpha II (or higher) product and is licensed for use with DataFlex 18.0.

    The following changes are logged between version 2.4 and this 2.6 release:

    • Added functions DPIX and DPIY to the cGDIGraphics class. They can be used to convert a value in pixels to a value in inches
    • cdbImageContainer can now load and save an image from / to a database column (tested with Microsoft SQL)
    • Images can now be rotated
      • cGDIImage class extended with a RotateImage function (private function, called by RotateImage procedure)
      • cImageContainer class extended with a RotateImage procedure

    • cImageContainer extended with a SaveImageToFile and a SaveImageToStream method
    • tUUID struct added
    • UUID.h.pkg file added with a string to GUID conversion function and two GUID compare function
    • cHistogramContainer class added. Can be used to display image histograms
    • Dftimer usage replaced with cPaintNextFrameTimer (based on cTimer) usage
    • DefineGuid private function replaced by real GUID conversion function
    • Added cGDIImageEncoders class
    • Added meta data tags to separate classes between Windows and Web (most classes are Windows classes)
    • DrawLineReal function added to cGDIGraphics class (to be used with histograms)
    • Added Ole32.h.pkg for support to save and load from an image stream

    Example workspace:

    • Demodata example now available for Microsoft SQL to show image from record.
      • You need to create the database via the GraphicsDemo.sql script file
      • You need to copy int-filelist.cfg over filelist.cfg (make a copy of filelist.cfg)
      • You need to change the connectionstring in MSSQLDRV.INT
      • The photo displayer object replaces the reference to the image column automatically based on the database driver

    • Datademo toolbar rotated and extended with option to save the image, rotate the image, get a histogram of the image
    • Added a histogram.dg component
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