Hello all,

Here's a note to let you all know that the http://www.vdf-guidance.com web site had its birthday last weekend. It has now the respectable age of 10 years, it is a teenager now

Thanks everyone for your continued support over the years. Let's hope there will be another 10 years to come with a lot of new open source code.

You can read more about it here: http://www.vdf-guidance.com/ViewPage.asp?Page=NEW

Yes, that's right. For helping to give the site a little boost I now accept paypal donations.
Who would have thought that would become possible?
Well... the economic times seem to mean that I've had to concentrate on real work much more as I really want. So guess it does make sense a bit.

So while it is certainly not a requirement for the site to continue, any donation -no matter how small- is appreciated and will help.
Anyways, enough begging

Thanks everyone for your support over the years.

Wil van Antwerpen
VDF-Guidance / Antwise Solutions