Hi all,

Web application
VDF 17.0
AJAX library 2.4

I am working on migrating my web application from VDF 17.0 to VDF 17.1. I migrated application via migration wizard.

In help of VDF 17.1, in Web Framework Overview's Compatibility section it is mention that 'The legacy AJAX Library will no longer be included in Visual DataFlex 17.1.'

so After migrating application I added Ajax library via Studio -> tools -> maintain libraries.

I used option Projects -> Precompile -> Precompile system packages, compiled all projects .

After this when I run the application via studio I am getting error :

WebApp.exe - Unhandled Program error

Attempt to run uncompiled expression true
VDF Error#: 56 in line: 9723.

GET_DOCALL (1284) - oWebService (253) - at address 9723
MSG_ONDFFUNC (4962) - oVDFInetSession (27) - at address 8301
MSG_STARTWEBAPP (5704) - oWebApp (21) - at address 15145
[start] - at address 107918

And when I click debug then it goes to line 'Function Request TAjaxRequestData tRequestData Returns TAjaxResponseData' in cAjaxWebServiceInterface.pkg

Is there any way to make ajax library compatible in VDF 17.1? Or am I missing something?