What are the limitations of running a Dataflex 3.2 application on a Windows x64 platform.

We have a client that wants to move to Windows 7 x64 clients. They are running a Dataflex 2.3b application that we will be converting to Dataflex 3.2, all connected to an embedded database to start.

The question is, can we run 3.2 on x64? It seems that Dataflex 3.2 will only compile within a 32 bit environment (short of running a DOSBox type emulator), and DFRUN is a no-go on native x64, but DFRUNCON of a properly compiled 3.2 app seems to run OK.

We could run a MS 2008 Server x32 VM and plop the application in there with Win7/8 x64 clients running RDP, but we have other clients that will be running into this same issue that don't have the same sophisticated server support options.

Clarifications please.