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    Hello Bob,

    thanks for the additional informations.

    So you can imagine that I use SQL - exactly the MS-Express-Version Server 2008. But behind there is a Dataflex 2.3b-Database, which I fill with DataPump.

    No - I don't know the inventor named Carsten - and unfortunately I think there is less 'Power of the Name' for coming to a fast result of Dynamic AI. I have still learn a lot to use it well.

    Just a half hour before I get the Error-Message 'to much Visitor want to see the Website'
    I restarted the Computer, but the same ......

    Now, it's Ok, but I get the Infomation that I use it to often:

    Ok, sometimes I close the Internet-Explorer-Windows without Logout, is this a great Problem?

    Best regards
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