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    Exclamation Forums Back Online - Important Information - Please Read

    Attention Forum Users:

    As you may already know, the Data Access Support Forums were hacked early Monday morning. After taking various steps to undo the damage we determined it was better to "err on the side of caution" and also restore a version of the database in the last backup before the attack. This means that any new messages posted between about 1 AM EST on Monday, September 16th and noon on Wednesday, September 18th are no longer available. Any new user registrations or other account changes done during that period of time will also need to be redone.

    We have taken various steps to better secure the system itself, following the recommendations of vBulletin Solutions. We have applied the latest patches for the version of vBulletin we are currently using and are also planning an update to the newest version of vBulletin in the near future.

    Some of you have asked about what this breach means in regards to your account information and posts. Here is all we know...
    • The breach did gain administrative access to the vBulletin databases - so any information in your account record was available. We do not know if the hacker had time to do anything other than redirect a few of the pages before the breach was discovered and the site taken down.
    • There was no apparent evidence that any posts were edited or attachments compromised - but we still decided to restore the earlier database as a precaution.
    • The passwords to your Forum account are stored in encrypted form (we don't even know what they are) so the hacker could not post messages or take any other action "as you" without resetting your password - which would have locked you out of the Forums. Even so, you may want to take this opportunity to change your password (something that should be done on a regular basis anyway - but none of us ever do).
    We will pay very close attention to the Forums in the coming days to see if there is any indication of a renewed attack.

    Best regards,

    Data Access Worldwide
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