Deploying Visual Report Writer Developer Edition Runtime

The Visual Report Writer Runtime can be distributed royalty-free with your reports and Visual DataFlex Windows application only if you have a legitimately licensed Visual Report Writer Developer Edition. For Web applications a Web Deployment license (per server) is required.
The target platform for deployment requires as minimum a Visual DataFlex Client Engine based system, but a development version of Visual DataFlex is certainly allowed.
The Software License Agreement explains these distribution entitlements in detail. If you have any questions about licensing, send an email to
The Visual Report Writer Developer Edition Workstation Runtime consists of the following components required to execute Reports:

Module Description Version
Visual Report Writer 2013 Developer Edition API.ocx The Visual Report Writer API 3.0
Df_collate.cfg The collating sequence in use for Visual Report Writer. You can specify a different collating file via the API. -
Language.db A SQLite database with translation text strings. If the file is missing, the built-in default language is used. The file needs to be in the same folder as the Visual Report Writer OCX. -
VRW.db A SQLite database in which the repositories and imported ELF functions are stored. The file needs to be placed at a location to which you have write access. The file is located in the following ways:
· Sub folder of ProgramData (Windows Vista/Windows 7 the exact folder is: C:\ProgramData\Data Access Worldwide\Visual Report Writer\3.0\Data)
· Directory of the Visual Report Writer OCX

The Runtime can best be deployed in the same directory as your Visual DataFlex application, which can be either on the licensed personal computer or on a network server. Typically, this is the \Programs directory of the deployed workspace.
Register the Visual Report Writer 2013 Developer Edition API.ocx on the deployment computer(s). Use the Windows RegSvr32 tool for this. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you should run RegSvr32 with “run as administrator”