I have a large number (150 - 200) of Crystal reports written in v8.5. (Yes, I know this is a tad ancient but upgrading is not currently an option). These access native DF files and now will be using MSSQL 2008. In a previous conversion ODBC was used and this worked well but looking around there are references to 'ADO' and 'FILEDSN'.

Most of these reports are called from VDF but some are 'stand alone'.

Before starting this conversion, which must include all the date field nonsense, it would be of much help to get advice as to which driver is best. Doing it twice would not be pleasing. These reports are peculiar to this site so no need for them to work with other back-ends. Mass Convert is, sadly, not an option with 8.5 or that would have been used.

Kind regards from Scotland,