I need to read and write to a TIMESTAMP field from a web service in my Pervasive database using CK 5 and VDF17.0. So far I have done the following:

- Created the Table in DB Builder without the TIMESTAMP field
- Added the TIMESTAMP field to the bottom of the table through Pervasive Control Center (PCC)
- Added a FIELD_TYPE_BTR entry for that field in the INT file. I have found that the only Field_Type_Btr that worked at all was STRING

DB Builder tolerates the above and I can get a compile. I can also move a (current()) DateTime variable into the TIMESTAMP field and save a new record.

DB Builder shows the field as being Numeric 11.7 (seems logical since Pervasive TIMESTAMP is supposed to translate to the DF Numeric type) but Field_Type Btr Number doesn't work in the INT file.

However, DB Explore shows the field as blank while PCC says the file is locked when it is being viewed in DB Explorer or the WebService is running (not normal behaviour). When the file is released PCC can access the record and it looks like a timestamp but the value is always the same and nothing like the current date or time although if I use showln to examine the DateTime which was moved to the field it is as expected.

Any suggestions as to how to get this working would be much appreciated.