Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input.

Well to be fair, I don't know "why not Bootstrap?". The bootstrap method of using a precompile CSS style seems counter intuitive, but as I have no on hands experience, that's just a feeling, not a scientific answer.

I just bumped into the 960 grid system and had it on my list of things to investigate and figured why not put a post on it here highlighting the system.

The reason the 960 grid system got my attention is that it appears to match a bit the style of how the new Web framework styles its pages. I've not had the time to really look into it, but maybe somebody else here had and I was just curious about the fit with the VDF framework.

Personally I'm quite ok with CSS as it is, but.. it is easy to burn a lot of time on tweaking CSS, making it do exactly what you want instead of "almost there".
Anything that helps making the system more productive and work better across platforms sounds interesting.

So any input - any technique - is always interesting to hear about.