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Thread: Another CodeJock button focus issue

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    Default Another CodeJock button focus issue

    Hi DAW

    We have been moving our codejock controls to use the 15.3.1 version, in line with what your using, and going through our unit tests have found a focus problem with the push button.

    I have attached a workspace to highlight the problem.

    1. Compile and run the program
    2. Click each button 1, 2 and 3 and you will see the value of the form change
    3. After clicking button 3, click in the form and then click button 2, the button takes the focus but the value of the form doesn't change
    4. Click in the form again and click button 2, now it does change
    5. Do the exercise again for button 1 and you will get the same problem

    When it breaks, clicking the button activates it and takes the focus but doesn't do the mouse click.

    And it only seems to break when the form is on a tabview, if you change the tabview to a tabpage, and tabdialogview to a tabdialog it works as expected.

    Also you will notice in the code its using all vanilla classes and the button is just based on the CodeJock wrapper.

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