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    Recently I had in a forum a very hard discussion with a competitor.

    A company asked for software ( not exactly of our type, but near ) and I explained that the right thing is to see the demo, and don't be influenced by the quality appearance. That often the price difference pays for buildings, marketing and racing sailboats but not a real quality product. And sometimes a too much expensive product can hide salaries of many people because the software is problematic.

    This was like gasoline, and the opposite comercial chief said that more employees/expensive = better service, and with pulled patronizingly explained that they are in another league. Here in Spain we call these people ghosts to name a pompous without foundation. As is usual, was unable to explain what distinguished him technically in the rest of the debate, and his relation quality / cost for each client. And reached ridiculous arguments like possible new massive problems like the effect 2000 as a desperate escape . I liquidated this explaining some habitual abusive practices, that I imagine were very accurate with his model of business, and he chose to leave.

    But the heart of the matter is that you can't be there always, and the clients believe to these "ghosts" if nobody is there to offer an alternative way.

    My question is that this type of comercial is of that brands that put themselves medals like to be Mercedes, Jaguar or Rolls, when the code does not know whether it is gold or aluminum. Is only well or bad code. But the ghosts sell that they are better because their are expensive... as they use better quality tools. All of we know that they uses Microsoft like us and worst tools. But we have not a commecial force to explain this.

    How to break this that has been cemented for many years ?

    A possibility is to raise the prices. But you traverse the risk of losing to good part of your clients and of not being capable of catching lovers of ghosts. ( Probably they are ghosts too ). And a raise of price ( more in a crisis ) It does not suppose necessarily a change of opinion of the public in a product, and more... can be a negative opinion.

    I am sure that the only exit is to promote more and better VDF towards out. This is... It is ridiculous that this ghost bandages better his product for using SQL or Oracle, when it should be speaking about his language and it does not even mention it. To promote VDF is the first step to create a quality image for tool, and of there it will be possible go on to a qualit image of our final products. Then, there will be able to be a raise, and to activate this circle price-image.

    What do you think? What can we do for our part?

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