Hi Guys

I've found some issues with the new VRW Alpha II;

1. The Section option 'Print at bottom of page' does not work

2. Print dialog from preview, click on Page Range; Current page: The cursor goes in a spin and will only come back to normal when activated another windows program, then clicking back in the printer dialog.

3. Export to PDF: I have a nice report A4, two pages per record (double sided letter style), 240 pages. All looks good on screen and printing (A4). The produced PDF however is 8.27 x 11.69 which is fine I think, but the content is halved in size (could this be due to the two pages per record?!?)

4. When pasting text (eg from notepad) into a Text object, weird focus handling is happening (should be really easy to reproduce)

5. I added in the New report wizard, only one field. Then using the field explorer i added many more. When I then used the Filter Expert, only the one field was offered as a report field.

6. I had a Filter expert and a Filter function. I thought they would complement each other, but if there is a filter in the expert, it completely ignores the filter function.

Hope this is helpful.