I am in the process of migrating a windows app to 17-1 webapp.

One thing that I can not figure out how to do is to activate a menu from a row in the cWebList.

In the windows app the list has a right-click floating popup menu with a handful of different operations you can do on the record of the current row.

I can see no event on the cWebList, that can be used to activate this. If I change the cWebList to a cWebGrid, I can set pbPromptButton to true, and then code something in the onPrompt event. Problem with this is that the user is not supposed to be able to type any changes to the record in the grid, and that is why a cWebList is used.

The cWebList does not support any prompt buttons in the webcolumnforms, so this is not an option with cWebList.

If I place a button outside of the cWebList (ie in the header section) I can place the code here and act according to psCurrentRowID of the list. But this is not the most intuitive way for the user to do it, having to first select a row in the list, and then click a button in the header...

The most ideal solution would be to be able to catch a right-click of the mouse, anywhere on a row, and then have an event for this. As an alternative, if something like a cWebColumnButton would exist, this button could be used for this purpose.

Let me know if some of you have tried to something similar to this...