(vdf 17.0)

I've got some old code in which I am dynamically setting the Field_Option DD_DisplayOnly of various fields (from inside OnNewCurrentRecord) depending on various field values

It occurred to me that I could update this because we now have a framework in which I can control when a field is committed or not. I can't simply mark them as committed fields and then use IsCommitted to control whether they should all be enabled or not because at any one stage a subset of them could/should be disabled whist the others are enabled - and it all depends on values that are set within the record.

"Ahah!" I thought. No problem because I see we have a function called 'IsFieldCommitted' that looks like I can control on a field by field basis whether that field should be committed or not. Perfect.

Except .... I've just started looking at this and it doesn't appear to be called for every field in my dialog and I can't for the life of me fathom out why.

For example, I have 2 dbForms that are side by side in a particular dialog. The only things that are different are the Entry_Items, the Labels and the Positions. In each case the field is of the same type and length and neither is indexed. I can see that IsFieldCommitted is being called with the Field Number of one of these entry objects but is never called for the other.

Why would that be? Or am I completely misunderstanding what this method is for? Surely it should be being called for every field bound to every visible DEO in my dialog? Apparently not. But why?