Hi -

CRXI VDF 17.0 SQL Express currently on Server 2008 RDC. However, this has been going on since VDF 16.1 with the embedded db & on regular workstations hooked to a different server.

The customer writes many of their own reports, so they use parameters & run them from a Report Runner I wrote. The issue is not with all reports - only a few. The problem ones run fine from Crystal & will sometimes run OK from VDF. However, often they get to displaying the Parameter Entry screen & the report locks up & goes white. I've waited up to 15 minutes, but nothing happens.

Other reports that use parameters work perfectly every time.

I figured it was my report runner & tried with a wizard created ReportView - same thing.

The intermittent nature + having it only happen on some reports has me scratching my head.

Any ideas out there?