Thanks so much - I really appreciate your help and suggestions.

As a rule, I never, ever, use MS Access for this exact reason - Corruption and Errors. I have never seen this "reread" issue before but should have realized the Acsess could have been the culprit. In the past, when Access was corrupted, I would see the errors in DF and in Access itself.

Anyway, I always use MS-SQL and I have been around long enough to remember Dataflex (Since ver 3.0 in ~ 1990) all the embedded databse problems and the constant and routine reindexing as well. At the beginning, I was writing automated reindexing routines for my customers to use which saved on tech support calls.

This customer insisted on MS Access but even before this problem, I have convinced him to switch to MS-SQL once this initial trial is completed.

Thanks again!!!