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Thread: Can I use Dynamic AI for simple and/or routine reporting?

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    Default Can I use Dynamic AI for simple and/or routine reporting?

    Yes, absolutely, you can use Dynamic AI for routine listings and reports. (It's also a great data export tool, but that's another topic.)

    Why would you?

    Perhaps you have less than 15 minutes to create a report instead of several hours to program one. Perhaps having an interactive, navigable document instead of a static, page-sequenced, paper-oriented, document is an advantage. Perhaps adding an interactive chart with two mouse-clicks is appealing. Perhaps the user wants an ungodly number of run-time filter selections, or even a free sub-string search across all of the columns. Perhaps including ad-hoc report design change capabilities to the user is beneficial. Perhaps being able to email the output is important. All of these "extras" are your choice and require zero programming.

    Why wouldn't you?

    If you have complex section-specific, logic-dependent data content and formatting requirements then use Winprint or Visual Report Writer, or maybe Crystal. Dynamic AI automatically and dynamically positions and formats output, both vertically and horizontally, according the to the style sheet in use and the report design itself. Forced formatting and positioning within report sections is only minimally under your control. That formatting and positioning is one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks in report programming isn't it? But when you need it, you need it. For business forms, you likely aren't going to use Dynamic AI. (That being said, you can indeed do form layouts, but that's yet another topic.)

    Attached are some screen shots that show Winprint reports vs. Dynamic AI equivalents. I'm embarassed to say how long the sales history winprint report took me to code, but it was more than a day. The Dynamic AI equivalent, with more functionality, and a chart, took under an hour. If an full multi-page hard-copy printout is needed, Dynamic AI can generate that too.

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