Version 3.0 is scheduled for Q2 this year. It will include an Enterprise Edition (new), as well as updates for the Standard & Developer Edition. All three editions will have the option to easily change one database type to another.

The Enterprise edition will offer more enhanced features that will be restricted to that edition only, due to the nature of the Enterprise architecture. Some parts of your reports will be stored and maintained on a central level, for example connections. With this feature we aim at environments where many reports are in use, and in that case, changing servers, connections etc (across hundreds? of reports) should be made very easy.

Furthermore, the smallest Enterprise license will be only a little bit more expensive than the Developer Edition and will probably include one Author and one Viewer. Furthermore, with an Enterprise edition, we want you to keep doing what you do with the Developer Edition (read: develop reports yourself, integrate them and distribute them royalty-free). But... we would really like to see you embrace the Enterprise edition, and sell this to your customers as well.