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Thread: Integrating Business Intelligence with Windows & Web Applications

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    Default Integrating Business Intelligence with Windows & Web Applications

    Integrating Dynamic AI with your applications is extremely easy and adds tremendous value in both terms of enhanced functionality and users' perception of your application being sophisticated and modern.

    • Dashboards & KPIs (key performance indicators) delivered from your application
    • Interactive charting and customizable graphs
    • Compelling drill-down capabilities to underlying data and linked intelligence from other data sources
    • Enforced run-time filters on selected columns; free search across all text columns.
    • Powerful ad-hoc design & query tool for end-users
    • Fast performance server-side querying
    • Decoupled from compiled application
    • Export / Integration: (Excel, Word, etc.)
    • End-users can email precise content as they are viewing it
    • Gets you a web-based reporting solution fast-and-easy

    For seamless integration with Dataflex Windows applications, a library is available here.

    For integration into Dataflex 17.1 Web Framework applications, the library is not needed or used.

    This video demonstrates the complete process of connecting to a data source, making a dashboard and source code to embed it in a Dataflex web application: Getting Started With Web-Based Reporting video. You can also visit the Amazon-hosted Dynamic AI Examples DF WAF web application that contains extensive examples of integrating Dynamic AI reports with a web application.

    This video demonstrates a real-world success story embedding Dynamic AI reports in VDF Windows applications, along with using drag-and-drop design to create 2 complex reports and adding to a VDF application in less than 15 minutes: Real-World Dynamic AI Integration With Visual Dataflex Applications video

    Attached to this post is a zip containing the source files for the application views and web objects that generated the screen shots below. (In Jcjobs.vw just search for "DISD" in the code to find all references. In lieu of making a studio library you could simply install these 4 pkg files into your appsrc or global\appsrc folders:

    In order to integrate Dynamic AI into your Dataflex application you'll need to install the Dynamic AI server edition. A free trial license is available here.

    Dynamic AI requires an SQL data source. If you are running the embedded database, and don't want to covert your workspace to an SQL backend, you can use Visual Data Pump to "pump" your Dataflex data to an MS-SQL database on demand, or on a scheduled basis. For information and to obtain VDP click here.

    Attached are screenshots showing integration into a Dataflex Windows application and a Dataflex WebFramework application.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	VDF_WebApp_Example2.jpg 
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Name:	VDF_WebApp_Example.png 
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Name:	VDF_WinApp_Example.png 
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    Note: Source examples updated 8/27/2013
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