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Thread: Version 2.4 for 17.0 NOW Available for Download

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    Default Version 2.4 for 17.0 NOW Available for Download

    Today we released version 2.4 of the Graphics Library. With your Data Access Global Account ID you can download this library from

    Version 2.4 changes are:
    • Added key assigments Key_Ctrl+Key_Minus and Key_Ctrl+Key_Plus for zoom-in and zoom-out to cImageContainer class
    • Removed the need for the conversions library by copying the cHexHandler.Pkg file in the Graphics Libary
    • Included shift.pkg for RShift and LShift functions
    • Implemented a pbShowScrollbars property
    • Removed the packages RECT, POINT and SCROLLINFO as there struct definitions are in tWinStructs.Pkg
    • Renamed BitmapInfo to tWinBitmapInfo, BitmapInfoHeader to tWinBitmapInfoHeader, RGBQuad to tRGBQuad, PaintStruct to tWinPaint
    • Library is updated for the use with Visual DataFlex 2012 version 17.0.
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