I an unable to get the value of an attribute in the root node using Get AttributeValue. if I get the collection of attributes it works. I have no problem get attributes from lower level nodes.

XML Document
OrderMessageBatch batchNumber="296208533">
<partnerID roleType="vendor" name="Sy Kessler Sales, LLC">sykessler</partnerID>
<hubOrder transactionID="111331682">

Get AttributeValue of hoRootNode "" "batchNumber" to iEDIBatchNumber // Does not work

Get AttributeNodes of hoRootNode to hoAttributeCollection // following works
If (hoAttributeCollection = 0) Begin
Error 10003 "Cannot get collection of attributes for hoRootNode"
Else Begin
// Show the attributes of the collection.
// First, get the number of items in the set
Get NodeListLength of hoAttributeCollection to iAttributeCount
// Now, iterate through the list of items.
For i from 0 to (iAttributeCount - 1)
// Get each attribute (indexed by i) -
// a dynamic object is returned.
Get CollectionNode of hoAttributeCollection i to hoAttributeNode
// Get the name of the attribute.
Get psNodeName of hoAttributeNode to sAttributeName
// Get its value.
Get psText of hoAttributeNode to sAttributeValue
// Show on the screen.
Showln "Attribute " sAttributeName " has the value " sAttributeValue
// Destroy the attribute object.
Send Destroy of hoAttributeNode
If sAttributeName eq "batchNumber" Move sAttributeValue to iEDIBatchNumber