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    Default New Electos 4.4 release!

    We are pleased to announce the re-release of Electos version 4.4 which is build (and relies on) with Visual DataFlex 2012 version 17.0. There are two downloads available, one that requires a pre-installed and active Visual DataFlex Web Application Server 2012 (v17.0) and one that contains the server installation. The latter one is meant for the Electos Personal and Commercial editions.

    The changes between build 4.4.7 and 4.4.9 are:
    • Updated the Swedish translations. The set contained misspelled words.
    • If translated text contains a single quote it is being replaced. In the previous version some buttons did not work.
    • Upgraded websites missed an index in Parameter table. Copy of pages resulted in a error.
    • During upgrade the paramtr table reported a table not open error.
    • Upgrade of websites older than version 4.1 to latest version resulted in a duplicate parameter record error on the first upgrade attempt.
    • Properties dialog of document structure displayed the incorrect state of the multi-item page checkbox.
    • Status change button of user status dialog was too long for the button in the Dutch language.
    • "Sitemap.xml" and "robots.txt" labels are not longer translated.
    • Rename dialog's name field was too wide.
    • Renaming a folder in Files section with longer names (more than 30 characters) caused the mismatch in the database record name and actual windows directory name.
    • Renaming a folder in Files section with same name used to give a file system error.
    • Creating multiple copies of objects with longer names gave error.

    What to do to upgrade?
    install the 4.4.9 product and upgrade your sites via sitemanager.

    Click here to download the new version

    New in this version of Electos is the content management authorization module. The content management authorization module allows the studio administrator user to set rights/permissions on the categories, pages, files, folders, products and product groups in the studio. These permissions will determine which Electos studio users can create/edit/delete these items. These permissions can be assigned to authors at user level or at role level.

    To get acquainted with this major new feature you should install the mywebsite example as it contains an implemented example.

    Another important change is that studio users are given options to handle SEO files. Users can configure and view the sitemap and robots.txt file to improve the search engine optimization of their website(s).

    For all other features and changes open the readme.html document which is part of the installation.

    Registration code

    After installing Electos 4.4 the product needs to be registered. You can use the 4.x registration code from a previous version, but this needs to be entered in the 4.4 / 17.0 environment. Users that don't have 4.x code need to obtain a new registration code from or via the appropriate channel partners.
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