I have an old VDF6 workspace to which I had the need to add 6 new SQL tables stored on a server.
I created the data files, connected to the SQL server using Mertech's Flex2SQL (v8.3.6 - SQLFlex ) but while I am able to create the INT files through generate INT, both from Dat files and from Tables, I cannot generate the TD files because of an error message saying "Table xxxxxxx does not exist".
I have tried with a couple of other Mertech versions (last was if not mistaken which is for both SQL2000 and SQL2005) without success.

I have never had any issues with generating INT and TDs up until now, but all SQL files were always "converted" to the SQL server through Mertech's drivers. To the contrary, this time these 6 files were created on the server by someone else (it is for the client's web site) and I need to access them for handling the data to be written there from client's main desktop VDF6 program.

I suspect some kind of rights issues, but not sure because I do login in the SQL server with same credentials normally, and I can manually create and delete records in these 6 files through Microsoft SQL management proggy.

I will try to 'convert' these 6 files from the data files to one of our SQL servers in house tomorrow to see if indeed the issue is coming from the way their SQL server / database is setup, or if something is wrong on my side. One difference though is that we always use SA as our login and tables are created and owned in the SQL server as dbo. while these 6 files have been created and owned as per our login user (which should again be OK since I do create and delete records manually in the database)

If someone has a clue or any suggestion in the meanwhile I will be super glad as this error has taken me already 2 days and drove me crazy, shouldn't need more than 5 minutes to add the files to my filelist, create them as data files and create the INTs and TDs to be able to access them.....

Thanks in advance