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Thread: AttachActiveObject for mail application fails

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    Unhappy AttachActiveObject for mail application fails

    Addition: I am using Windows 7 on a 32 bit machine. Maybe this helps to find an answer???

    I want to replace the existing email functionality using MAPI. I used the "mailto.pkg" of Marco (

    As long as Outlook is not started before, it runs as expected: the editor opens, all the data is shown correctly etc. etc.

    When however Outlook is open I get runtime error 4399 twice and then 4381 telling me that i wish to refer to an ocx
    object pvComObject before it has been created.

    The function AttachActiveObject returns false in this case and the subsequent CreateComObject results in this error.
    I tried to initialize vComObject before it is used but that does not make a difference.

    Attaching the mailto-package which has been modified to also transfer the body text.

    Anybody there who has a clue?

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