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    Hi Sandy,

    The new Web Application Framework that we are developing for Visual DataFlex 17.1 will have a better folder structure (so we hope).

    There are of course multiple excuses as to why the folder structure of the AJAX Library workspace is what it is but instead of naming those I'll try to shine some light on the actual structure.

    AppHtml\Css\VdfAjaxLib contains the themes. Themes are folders with a set of CSS files and optionally some images. The AJAX Library comes with two themes, the default theme '2-3' and the business theme '2-3business'. We added the version number in front to prevent custom changes to those themes to be overwritten by the wizard when updating.

    AppHtml\VdfAjaxLib contains the AJAX Library itself. It has a sub folder for each revision of the AJAX Library. Within the revision folder there are several ASP includes that you can use to include the AJAX Library into your pages. Then there is a structure of subfolders that matches the structure of JavaScript objects or namespaces that the AJAX Library runs under in the JavaScript world. So the implementation of the class vdf.gui.ModalDialog can be found in vdf/gui/ModalDialog.js.

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