I'm working on integrating VDF 16.1 to use the latest from CJ: Xtreme Suite 15.2.1.

CJ installed fine. Used its COM Registrator to register all COM objects

In 16.1, opened the SigCG training class. which was still using the sws from the Mar-1 course, and it was using the eval of CJ 15.2.1 just fine. I can compile the order entry test but it fires an error involving COM Instanciation. I can't reconcile that with having done what appears to be all the needed installation and COM regsitration of CJ 15.2.1.

I'm on the same computer used at the DISD class. The only thing that's different is now I'm running our licensed copy of CJ 15.2.1. Any ideas?

Nick Herlick