I have a VDF17.0 app using Docking Panes.
I had it working with v15.0.1 just fine.
I was bored so I upgraded to v15.2.1.0221
I installed TortoiseSVN and downloaded a recent version of VDFSig that included Classes v1 - vdf17.0 cj15.2.1
I generated Codejock.DockingPane.v15.2.1.0221.pkg

I get 133 errors, the first and third are
...\Codejock.DockingPane.v15.2.1.0221.pkg (ln 1449) Type check error U_CCOMIIMAGEMANGERICONS, SHOULD NOT BE DEFINED
...\Codejock.DockingPane.v15.2.1.0221.pkg (ln 1615) Type check error U_CCOMIMAGEMANGERICONS, SHOULD NOT BE DEFINED

Both of these classes are already defined in SigCjW_ReportControl.pkg

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.