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Thread: Sending a message to a DD & Screen refresh

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    Default Sending a message to a DD & Screen refresh

    We are doing our first Webap Ajax experiment and would appreciate some help on two topics.

    1. We have created a form with a wizard, added a button that makes an AJAX call to the Webap to do something. After the call completes we would like to proceed to another page. Our code to make the call is:
    function fUpdateLoc(sLoc) {
    document.getElementById('LocDiv').innerHTML = sLoc;
    function call_SetLoc(sNewLoc){
        var oCall;
        oCall = new vdf.ajax.VdfCall("oAjaxTest","get_SetLoc");    
    function handleResponse(oEvent){
        var sResult = oEvent.oSource.getReturnValue();
        if(sResult !== ""){
            ' AT THIS POINT WE WOULD LIKE TO move to another webpage
            fUpdateLoc("Error retrieving Loc !");
    2. The second questions is how do we send a message to the DD to clear itself. Same as clickiing on the clear (eraser)button.

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