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    Default When a save is not a save


    I'll try to keep this as simple as possible, although code-wise, it's not that simple.

    I have a header/detail (although in practice, it's really a 1 to 1 relationship). When the user presses <Shift-F2> or the <Delete> button on the toolbar and the header has the focus, the user is signifying that they wish to "mark" the header record as deleted. Today's date is saved in the header in a window called "Cancelled" and hopefully, this should be the end of it, however what I also need to do is mark the "Detail" record as deleted as well, however, I needed to set Cascade_Delete_State to False in an attempt to stop it deleting the detail record. I got around this - refer code:
        Procedure Sync_Invoice
            If (Trip.Invoice_Id <> 0) Begin
                Integer iOrgMode
                Get_Attribute DF_FILE_MODE of Invoice.File_Number to iOrgMode
                Set_Attribute DF_FILE_MODE of Invoice.File_Number to DF_FILEMODE_DEFAULT
                Clear Invoice
                Move Trip.Invoice_Id to Invoice.Id
                Find EQ Invoice by 1 // Id (unique)
                If (Found) Begin
                    Reread Invoice
                    Move Trip.Job_Set_Id        to Invoice.Job_Set_Id
                    Move Trip.Job_Set_Ok        to Invoice.Job_Set_Ok
                    Move Trip.Job_Set_Send      to Invoice.Job_Set_Send
                    Move Trip.Job_Set_Sent      to Invoice.Job_Set_Sent
                    Move Trip.Sent_Date         to Invoice.Sent_Date
                    Move Trip.Last_Sent_Date    to Invoice.Last_Sent_Date
                    Saverecord Invoice
                Set_Attribute DF_FILE_MODE of Invoice.File_Number to iOrgMode
    In other words, by altering DF_FILE_MODE and then changing it back to its original setting when I was finished. Not the most elegant way of doing it.

    So, my question is, what is the best way to do this but still using <Shift-F2> or the toolbar's <Delete> button?
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