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Hi Sean,

I did see this post but so far it hasn't 'cracked' the problem. Other information, such as WTSDomainName and WTSUserName, are being returned with information using the RD Web Client. It is the WTSClientName, which just so happens to be something we use, that is coming back empty. We will do some more digging.
Just stumbled over this myself, sorta. We've identified our PCs using this approach since the days of DF2.3 and 286 boxes.

In the last 12 months we have replaced Wyse boxes and Citrix with Windows RDS and our existing code stood up just fine...
Get_Environment "CLIENTNAME" to sTermid  
If (sTermid="" or lowercase(sTermid)="console") Get_Environment "COMPUTERNAME" to sTermid
local boxes(win10) always provide COMPUTERNAME and do not provide CLIENTNAME
RDS boxes (also win10) provide both, but the CLIENTNAME is the one we want so yay!

however, the plot thickens. I want to run programs in my 32 bit VM, which also provides both, but this time the CLIENTNAME is my host PC and the COMPUTERNAME is the one I want.

I only looked at the code to clean it up, now I'm going to make it dirtier...