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    Dennis - we have a situation in which there is a chunk of 12 lines for a report that should occupy the bottom of the current page (A). We are trying

    DFLineCheck 12

    to conditionally start a new page (B) if there are not 12 lines left. However - If there is room for that block of 12 lines, then we don't need the first 3 lines of that block (which actually pushes it to 15 lines) that are printed IF a page B was needed. We'd like to conditionally drop those first three lines if the block can fit in the bottom 12 lines of page A.

    Is there any feedback from the DFLineCheck command? I wish it set something to true/false (a page_top was needed). Is there a property that reflects the result of the last DFLineCheck? Was a new page needed, or not?

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