Thanks to everybody who attended this year’s Corroboree and JavaScript Training in Melbourne.
This year the Committee were very pleased to welcome overseas guests Chip Casanave, President of
Data Access Worldwide, and Mike Peat from Unicorn InterGlobal Limited.

Our event of course would not be same without the proverbial hiccup . Last year was the evacuation
due to a fire and this year relocation to another room due to a faulty router and Internet access.
However obstacles aside the event was jammed packed with excellent presentations, from local and
overseas individuals, covering a gamut of topics from virtualisation and the cloud, source control,
SMS integration, VDF X-Ray, Flex2Crystal – Crystal Reports 2011, online accounting and much more.

Data Access Worldwide roadmap for VDF 17.x was of particular interest. Developers can look
forward to enhancements to the data-dictionary class including better management of runtime
locally based relationships, alias tables and better support for optional child / parent relationships,
increased table and column names sizes, YouTube style tutorials, improved client web services plus
much more. The ‘big ticket’ item in the VDF 17.x release cycle is the introduction of cWebObjects
and the integration of the AJAX library into the Studio.

Our door prizes this year were exceptional and much sought after. Congratulations to all our
winners include Phil Kirby (iPad 3G), Vicky Curphey (iPad), Allen Langman (Nano), David Smith
(Shuffle) and Linda Marshall (NZ wines).

This year’s Informal session and AGM was a lively affair with discussion centering on the proposed
online ordering trial, our local Australia and New Zealand market place and the role of DAW’s local
representation. The Corroboree concluded by unanimously voting to reconvene next year on the
Gold Coast. Adieu for now and see you all again in 2012.

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