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Thread: Base64 encoding/decoding control

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    Cool Base64 encoding/decoding control


    When binary data is transferred via the internet it is normally handled by base64 encoding. Using base64 encoding/decoding ensures that your data stays intact while it is being transferred over media that might not be suited for transferring non textual data.
    It is commonly used in for example email and for storing/transferring data via XML.

    In order to evaluate the control, we made a demo version of the control and bundled it with Visual DataFlex 16.1 example workspace.
    You can get a copy from here: antBase64

    Even if you are already using a VDF based base64 encoding solution, you might still want to give it a try as the control is dramatically faster as doing the base64 encoding in native DataFlex code. That was the main reason to built the control, VDF simply is not optimized for doing this type of encoding/decoding.

    The control has been in use at a variety of projects without any issues since 2004.

    Hope this helps,
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