Hello Vincent!

I need to read this file DDClassList.XML particularly in an array.

I developed a routine that uses tables and fields dynamically and I need to know if a particular field of a table is linked to a table validation. I need to get description of table validation, and not the field value. All dynamically, I just know the table number and the number of the field.

Then, with the number of the table and the information contained in the file DDClassList.XML, I discover that DD is the class of that particular table.

Open "OrderHea" as hFile
Field_Map hFile "Terms" to iField
Move ("U_" + String(gDDClassList[hFile].ClassName)) to sDDClassName
Get Create (Eval(sDDClassName)) to hoDDObj
Get Field_Table_Object of hoDDObj iField to hTableValidation 
Get Validation_Table_Description of hoDDObj hTableValidation "PREPAY" to sDescriptionTable
Send Destroy of hoDDObj
// sDescriptionTable =  "Pre-payment required"
That is the reason why I need the file information DDClassList.XML in an array.