Hi Daw,


Very strange things happpen in our application. Records displayed are disappearing when browsing thru the cCJDbGrid. We converted our app from the cDbGrid to the cCJDbgrid. The old version worked like a charm.

Because it is very difficult to explain i've created an AVI-file. We placed the avi on our server. It can be looked at http://www.wesmoll.com/files/Daw/dis...ingrecords.avi

We can't figure out why this happens. We almost stripped everything from the application to the bare minimum and still the records keep disappearing. It seems to be related to the fact that displayed records are multiple alias file placed within dbtabpages but we are not sure.

VDF16.1RC2. We tested it also with 16.0. Same result.

Roel Westhoff
W4 Software & Consultancy BV
Maastricht Netherlands