We have a global timer which checks once a minute to see if a user's session still exists. If it does not the user receives a warning that they have another minute to complete what they are doing before being booted out of the system completely. This allows administrators to terminate users remotely that have failed to logout etc.

However since moving this global timer from VDF 7.3 we are now getting error 4289, shown below, when re-indexing with the sort command and a callback function. I can understand if we're actually trying to do a DBMS operation like finding a record but testing to see if the table is open should perhaps be outside the scope of this error.

Is this something DAW can fix i.e. suspend active timers in the runtime while a callback operation is in progress or we are going to have 'invent' some global timer management schema to handle commands with callback functions i.e. call_driver, sort, structure_end, copy_db, and copy_records?

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68552>>>>>        Get_Attribute DF_FILE_OPENED Of SCMSYS.File_Number To bOpen
68555>>>>>        Get_Attribute DF_FILE_OPENED Of SCMAUX.File_Number To bOpen2
68558>>>>>        If ((bOpen) AND (bOpen2)) Begin