Hi all

I have a little proble that I can not make it. I have this code :

Object oIdle is a cIdleHandler
Procedure OnIdle
Delegate Send OnIdle
End_Procedure // OnIdle
End_Object // oIdle
Procedure OnIdle
Send EnableObjects
End_Function // OnIdle

Procedure EnableObjects
Boolean bChanged bRec
Handle hoServer
Get Server to hoServer
Get Should_Save of hoServer to bChanged
Get HasRecord of hoServer to bRec
Set pbReadOnly of (oDetailGrid(Self)) to (not(bChanged) and bRec)
Set pbReadOnly of (oDetailGrid(Self)) to (ajustes.Updated EQ "" and bRec)
Set Enabled_State of BtnActAjuste to bRec
Set Enabled_State of BtnActAjuste to (ajustes.Updated EQ "" and bRec )
End_Function // EnableObjects

The cjGrid is suppose to be in readonly state if the records have been updated, but I can still delete records from this cDbCJGrid. it works perfect with Enabled_State (as in the button) but the client wants to scroll in the grid to check the records after they have been updated.

Any ideas ? there is something wrong with the code ?