Hi Garret, you do not know how right you are (or how wrong I am.... I think I need to take some days off)

The code finally ended up this way (exactly the way I need it)

    Procedure EnableObjects 
        Boolean bChanged bRec
        Handle hoServer
        Get Server to hoServer
        Get Should_Save of hoServer to bChanged
        Get HasRecord of hoServer to bRec
        Set Enabled_State of (oDetailGrid(Self)) to (not(bChanged) and bRec)
        Set pbReadOnly of (oDetailGrid(Self)) to (ajustes.Actualizado EQ "S")
        Set Enabled_State of BtnActAjuste to (ajustes.Actualizado EQ "" and bRec )        
    End_Procedure  // EnableObjects

Thank you very much to you Garret and all for your help !!!