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Thread: pbReadOnly in cDbCJGrid ?

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    Talking Re: pbReadOnly in cDbCJGrid ?

    Upps !!! I feel like a rooky

    I have just found out that when I use the wizar to "Header detail entry view" it generate the view with the next code

    ACTIVATE_VIEW Activate_oTest1 FOR oTest1
    Object oTest1 is a dbView
    Set Location to 5 5
    Set Size to 129 415
    Set Label To "Test1"
    Set Border_Style to Border_Thick

    Object oAjustesValor_Ajuste is a dbForm
    Entry_Item Ajustes.Valor_Ajuste
    Set Size to 13 90
    Set Location to 35 44
    Set peAnchors to anLeftRight
    Set Label to "Valor Ajuste"
    Set Label_Justification_mode to jMode_Left
    Set Label_Col_Offset to 39
    Set Label_row_Offset to 0

    // Last DEO will attempt to save and enable to grid and then switch to it
    Procedure Switch 
    Boolean bEnabled
    Send Request_Save
    Send EnableObjects
    Get Enabled_State of oDetailGrid to bEnabled
    If bEnabled Begin
    Forward Send Switch
    End_Procedure // Switch
    End_Object // oAjustesValor_Ajuste

    // here goes my grid
    Object oDetailGrid is a cDbCJGrid
    End_Object // oDetailGrid
    // here ends my grid

    // Create Idle time to handle enabling / disabling of grid
    Object oIdle is a cIdleHandler
    Procedure OnIdle 
    Delegate Send OnIdle
    End_Procedure // OnIdle
    End_Object // oIdle
    Procedure OnIdle 
    Send EnableObjects
    End_Function // OnIdle
    Procedure EnableObjects ???
    Boolean bChanged bRec
    Handle hoServer
    Get Server to hoServer
    Get Should_Save of hoServer to bChanged
    Get HasRecord of hoServer to bRec
    Set Enabled_State of oDetailGrid to (not(bChanged) and bRec)
    End_Function // EnableObjects ???

    End_Object // oTest1

    I am using VDF16.0. maybe a bug ? has anybody else found that out ?

    Thanks Jhon and garret


    Sorry, I did not know that exist
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